How To Avoid Ruining Your Carpet

Carpeting your home can be a costly experience. Choosing the style, color and fibers can have you chopping and changing your mind, causing the odd family dispute. Once you’ve made the decision, you have the energy zapping task of emptying each room of furniture ready for the fitters. Fitting day arrives, and it looks and feels amazing, dancing bare foot has never felt so good.

With proper care your new carpets can last for at least 10 years. However, there are many things that can shorten its lifespan, and many bad habits that can actually ruin it.

Things to avoid

Not Vacuuming Regularly

We all lead busy lives, and its not unusual that peoples housework is not always top of their to do list. Daily vacuuming is unrealistic, but if vacuuming is not done at least twice a week, then it will only be a matter of time before you ruin your carpets. Dirt will find its way deep down into the fibers and embed itself in your carpet if you do not vacuum regularly. This will cause the carpet fibers to fray, and gradual holes may appear, they may also develop permanent dark spots.

Walking Barefooted On Your Carpet

Like most people, you probably remove your shoes as soon as you enter your home, after all you don’t want to tread dirt, mud or worse through your home. However, walking barefooted on your carpet can cause serious damage to it. Wearing shoes during the day can create a moist environment for your tootsies. The moisture from your feet can transfer on to your carpets, causing a bit of a pong, which will ultimately causes bacteria to breed. Additionally, foot creams and lotions that you may use are also bad for your carpets if you walk bare foot around the home. So, the best solution is to always wear slippers. You’ve been warned!!

Using deodorising powders

Deodorizing powders are great at helping your carpets smell good, however, and here’s the bad news, they’re not very good for your carpets. They have a tendency to build up over time and the average household vacuum will struggle to pick up this residue. Keeping your carpets fresh by having them professionally cleaned annually should negate the need for these types of products.  

DIY carpet cleaning

Many people think that using a DIY carpet cleaner or steam cleaner every few months is the best way to keep their carpets looking clean. They may also think that if they have a go themselves regularly, then there is no need for professional cleaning. However, this is without doubt a sure-fire way to damage your carpets.

It is not necessary to clean your carpets every few months. Your carpets only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. If cleaned too often your carpet is likely to wrinkle, and could then require stretching by a professional carpet fitter, and additional cost you really don’t need. Furthermore, using a steam cleaner can cause damage to certain carpets if you do not know the carpets structure/fiber or how to properly use the cleaner effectively.


Pets and carpets, a recipe for disaster!

All pet owners probably feel the same. Our pets are considered a part of the family. The joy of pet ownership however, can sometimes come at a price when the little darlings have the occasional accident. Sharing your home with a pet can mean a constant battle to keep things such as carpets and upholstery clean and tidy. There are numerous things you can do to minimise the mess and here are few tips:

  • If getting new carpets, choose a pile which is well-suited to pets. Twist carpet has a low pile which is easier to clean, while a loop carpet can be easily snagged by your pet’s claws.
  • Have your carpets stain protected. This will buy you a little time when dealing with ‘little accidents’ making the clean up operation much easier.
  • Consider the colour of your carpet in relation to the colour of your pet. Pick a shade that will disguise pet hair, rather than allowing it to stand out.
  • Groom your pet regularly. This will pick up a lot of the loose hair that could otherwise find its way onto your carpet, creating a long lasting doggy odour.
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. This stops the dirt from building up and prevents it from finding its way to deep within the pile of the carpet.
  • Pet hair and dirt isn’t just confined to your carpets, so vacuuming your upholstery as well as your carpets regularly will be a big help.
  • Get your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. This not only keeps them looking great but keeps them sanitised a free from bacteria for longer.


Don’t Ignore Spots

Over time your carpets can develop spots and stains. Don’t ignore them. You should attempt to remove these as soon as possible. Spots will only get worse the longer you leave them. Furthermore, the longer the stain sits, the harder it will be for you to remove it. Blot the spill with a white towel or kitchen paper and never scrub to remove the spot. Hard scrubbing will cause the stain to go deeper into the carpet. It will also ruin the fibers of the carpet. Also, avoid shop remedies as they can often set the stain or even bleach your carpets.

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