House Cleaning

A Thorough, Pristine Home Cleaning in Myrtle Beach

Residential House Cleaning Services

Beach Walk Cleaning Services is pleased to collaborate with Clean and Sassy as it’s house cleaning partner. Since the inception of my business, I have received many requests/inquiries about house cleaning. Now I can offer you that solution and peace of mind as well. I can personally vouch for Clean and Sassy and their commitment to providing the same level of quality work and professionalism; that you receive with Beach Walk Cleaning Services

Clean and Sassy provides a very detailed in home cleaning service targeted towards busy families, college students, vacation home rentals and move in/outs. We specialize in deep cleaning with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. Our basic package is a run down of everyday house cleaning. Although we do not go under or move furniture with this cleaning, you can request those services for an additional cost. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

What Your Basic House Cleaning Includes:

  • 1: Sweeping and Mopping- bathrooms and kitchens are finished with an ‘on your hands and knees’ attention to detail.
  • 2: Picking up and vacuuming all floors- we do not go under furniture or move anything around.
  • 3: Linen Change- you must place the new sheets out.
  • 4: Dusting- wall art, headboards, furniture, baseboards and crown molding ( fans and blinds are additional ).
  • 5: Mirror Washing
  • 6: Toilets, Sinks, Shower and Bathtub Scrubbing
  • 7: Exterior Appliances & Cabinets Wiped Down- Interior appliances extra.
  • 8: All Counter tops, and stoves cleaned- oven is additional.
  • 9: Trash Removal- up to 3 bags.
  • 10: Dish Washing


This cleaning does include some extras like wiping switch plates, folding a load of laundry and anything else the customer might request. Windows are NOT included. We do offer window washing if needed.

Although this is a basic house cleaning, it is overall sanitized giving you a healthier place to come home to.


-Beach Walk Cleaning Services showed up with little to no notice and provided an excellent cleaning with an unexpected gift on the bathroom counter. My husband and I were thrilled with the outcome and our home smelled insanely delicious. Our guests were arriving sooner than later and this was a perfect service given the stress we’ve been under. Highly recommend and will be scheduling in the near future- Lydia F.

-I was in a really bad car accident and couldn’t move around much. When I googled house cleaning in the Myrtle Beach area, Beach Walk Cleaning came up with a stunning amount of 5 star reviews! Now I know why. They are top notch, above and beyond, excellent in house cleaning. You won’t be disappointed- Catherine G.