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Beach Walk Cleaning Services is a reputable company that places a high priority on customer satisfaction while providing a deeper clean. We clean and sanitize the mattress itself and prepare the cleanest sleeping conditions possible. Our services are powerful and effective, yet safe and non toxic. Get ready to sleep easier knowing that your mattress has been professionally cleaned.

Mattress Cleaning in Myrtle Beach

What you can expect from our Mattress cleaning service:

Our technicians are well versed in ridding mattresses of dust and other debris. We have the knowledge and experience to safely work with a variety of mattress styles and models. Our company even stands behind our mattress cleaning services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t attempt to clean your mattress on your own. Beach Walk Cleaning Services is already equipped with professional grade equipment and non toxic cleaning supplies. Our powerful equipment is tested and ready to go. We save you time and money by efficiently arriving and getting right to the root of the mattress cleaning issue. Our team takes family health seriously and uses only products that are safe for everyone, including children and family pets.

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Here are some top reasons to perform mattress cleaning on a regular basis.
  • To Maintain The Indoor Air Quality Of Your Bedroom To A Healthy Level
    Most of the people spend an average eight hours on a daily basis on their bed either resting or sleeping. You’ll be shocked to know that it is equal to one-third of our whole lifetime, thus it’s vital to keep up healthy indoor air quality in your bedroom or any other room where you spend the majority of time. Whenever we have a turnover on our bed while relaxing or sleeping, small dirt particles hidden inside the mattress are moved out into the air that we breathe without realizing the consequences.


  • To Follow Preventive Steps For Allergy Management
    You might be aware that dirt mites and their excrement’s are the root cause for triggering the most common allergic problems such as eczema, rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. As dirt mites are primarily found in the mattress, it’s necessary to confirm that dirt and mites are removed completely from the mattress to reduce their presence.


  • Even after you perform regular changing of bed sheet and mattress, you would be stunned after finding out the quantity of dust, dirt, dead skin flakes, and dried fluid residue. As a matter of fact, the mattresses in your home contain the really high amount of dirt particles and house dust mites. Quite a scary truth, isn’t it?


  • Doctors strongly advocate patients suffering from allergic reaction to scrub their mattresses frequently. It’s common for people suffering from allergic reaction to face their worst attacks at night while sleeping on dust mites ridden mattresses. Therefore, by reducing contact to those allergens, people can reduce the number of allergy attacks, which sometimes might even trigger major health issues.


  • Proper Hygiene Means Stress Free Sleeping Time
    Sleeping on a clean mattress offers you complete peace of mind while sleeping. Will you be able to sleep on a mattress knowing that you are just sleeping on a mattress with loads of dead skin flakes, dirt particles, and countless dust mites creeping in the mattress? This is what makes mattress cleaning so important.

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