Stain Remover

Eliminate Tough Stains from Carpets & Furniture in Myrtle Beach, SC

Spilling a drink onto your carpet or upholstery can be a disaster, especially if it’s hot coffee, tea or chocolate. Scalding hot liquid easily breaks through the protective layer on brand new carpets and fabric. Difficult stains, such as red wine and other color added substances can be very difficult to remove from your carpet and upholstery. How to remove stains is something we are often asked. For most stains and spills, the first thing you do is the most important in determining the end result.

So don’t panic and grab the first carpet cleaning product you see, if in doubt it might be wise to leave the stain removal to Beach Walk Cleaning Services as many of the over the counter products do more harm than good. They contain bleach and other chemicals which can damage your expensive carpet and may leave bleach marks. They also leave residue which attracts the dirt.

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