The Benefits of a Pre-Christmas Clean

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. There are three things guaranteed over the holidays; chocolates, presents and the clean-up following the festivities. Beach Walk Cleaning Services have come up with a few handy tips to see you glide through the Christmas clean up with minimum effort.

  1. Pre-Christmas Clean

Before you start thinking about where the ideal spot to place your Christmas tree is, a considerable clean-up is required.

  • Oven Clean – Time is spent choosing the perfect turkey for the Christmas dinner. It is important that you spend some time on cleaning the oven, trays, racks and pans. Doing this in advance can save stress and panic on Christmas Day. There are various forms of oven cleaners on the market but baking soda & vinegar can work just as effectively.
  • Christmas Decorations – Decorations are only seen for one month of the year. The rest of the year they are stored in an attic or garage accumulating dust. Make your decorations look like new by giving them a quick dust-down using a new paintbrush.
  • Most Used Rooms – It is important to manage your cleaning time. The areas where most time will be spent over the holidays, such as the kitchen, hallway, and sitting-room should take priority.


  1. Stains & Spills

It is almost guaranteed that stains are going to appear over the festive period, on furniture, carpets and clothes. The key to getting rid of them is determining what type of stain it is. This will allow you to find out the best way to treat the stain. If you have stubborn stains let Beach Walk Cleaning Services help.

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red wine carpet stain removal
  • Red Wine – For the dreaded red wine stain, salt can be very effective. Soak up the red wine by pouring salt over the affected area. Leave the salt to fully dry before vacuuming the excess away. It is key to react as quickly as possible as the stain will worsen if it is left to dry and can create permanent staining. Pouring white wine on the stain can also help in removing red wine stains.
  • Candle Wax – Candle wax can be cause for a post-Christmas cleaning nightmare. To deal with a candle wax spill on carpet or fabric, harden the wax by rubbing an ice cube on it. This hardened piece should be chipped off and then melt the remains with an iron.


  1. Bins

    myrtle beach carpet cleaning and stain removal
    after christmas party carpet cleaning
  • On Christmas Day, a good technique to keep the rubbish from getting out of control is to fully utilise your bins. For the discarded wrapping paper and packaging have a bin for paper and one for plastic. This can reduce general waste and increase your recycling which is important as a large amount of waste is gathered over the Christmas period.


  1. Kitchen Roll
  • Christmas is a prime time for spillages and sticky fingers making a mess everywhere. To avoid a big clean up post-Christmas, strategically place kitchen roll around your home. People can soak up any spillages and catch any crumbs from those late-night snacks.

Hopefully these cleaning tips can ensure you’re prepared for the Christmas Holidays, reducing your time cleaning and increasing your relaxation time with family and friends. Give us a call to the best carpet cleaning services Myrtle Beach SC, , Beach Walk Cleaning, before the holiday stress sets in. 

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